Why is that String on my Finger?
Playing State League out of the Club this summer? Please contact Jean soon!

If you are looking for a team or want to start a team also contact Jean so she can help! There may be teams looking for members and she is familiar with paperwork needed ~ she has wisdom to share!

Congrats to the following winners of the first session of indoor play.
Thanks for playing everyone!
3.5 Womens Doubles (Wed)
1st place Jennifer Hercreg
2nd place Michelle Gruber
3.5 Womens Doubles (Thurs)
1st place Julie Wenzlaff
2nd place Kris Gannon
Mon Mens Doubles
1st place Tom Krimmel
2nd place Gary Brussat
Thurs 3.5 Mens Doubles
1st place Tim Gross
1st place John Kitzerow (tie)
3.5 Mens Singles
1st place Eric Froemming
2nd place Dan Sajdak
4.0 Mens Singles
1st place Dennis Saldana
2nd place Radu Pirvanescu
Mixed Doubles
Alex and Lisa Nimmer, Nikki and Jeffrey Packee, Lori and Pat Prescott, Dan and Kelly Sajdak, Greg and Lisa Straub, Lisa Semerad/Terry Spykstra.

Congratulations! You can pick up your prize at the front desk!

Concordia will play on the PV courts on Feb. 2nd and Feb. 16th at 6:00 and March 3rd at 2:30.
Gustavus will play their annual tournament on March 11th at 10:00 and April 13th (time TBA).

These are great opportunities to watch a high level of play and be the armchair quarterback. You can actually learn something by watching (and trying to incorporate into your own game later). Come get inspired!!!

Don’t wear boots onto the courts or into fitness. Please use the boot trays, and help police your fellow members. The salt really stains the courts and ruins the floors, so your cooperation is very much appreciated!

Please take extra care to lock up your car and hide valuables or bring them in with you. There has been a rash of car break-ins in Washington County, including our own parking lot in two cases. If you see anything suspicious at PV please let us know! The thieves have been active at all times of day.


Before going out on the courts, please check the white board or the front desk person for your court assignment as they are basically set up as a puzzle. If you choose a court at random it will affect the schedule moving forward for the day.
Thanks for your cooperation!

With winter being in full swing the courts have been very busy. Please be mindful of the time, and if it is running out finish your current game and either spin your racquet for a remaining game, or if there are two or more left just split them. If there is no one waiting for the court you are welcome to finish, but please check with the front desk before proceeding in case the next players are shy about nudging you